Security and Privacy

Today' Internet serves as a primary platform for financial systems, cloud storage services, e-commerce websites, and social networks. The prevalent use of these by services by individuals has led the Internet to become an agglomerate of immense amounts of personal data and a store for individuals' online fingerprints. My research in the domain of security and privacy focuses on building systems secure to secure online personal information and understanding the trust-related issues which surround it. I am currently involved in two projects which broadly work towards achieving these goals.

1. Security of Longitudinal Data in Cloud Storage: Affordable online storage has allowed Internet users to accumulate years worth of data. While such archiving is a convenient storage solution, evolving social contexts, and the increased likelihood of data breaches necessitate the need for entities to re-evaluate data retention in its current form. This project focuses on understanding users’ perceptions of security and privacy of longitudinal data storage and developing a system that allows them to secure and manage this data in a convenient manner.

2. Investigating Security and Privacy of VPN Services: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are commercial services which allow individuals to access restricted or geo filtered content, to evade censorship as well as to enhance online privacy. This project focuses on performing a holistic evaluation of the commercial VPN ecosystem special focus on validating VPNs claims, evaluating their robustness and identifying possible instances of user privacy leakage.